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Thread Title: Children of Cosmos [BxG][Supernatural][Romance]

"We are all stardust…"

Hi, everyone! I'm GengaJupite, representing the amateur production group Starfall Studios. With our first VN under way, we're now sharing its production to the public and would love to hear any feedback you have to offer!


Every hundred and fifty years, a spectacular meteor shower takes place in the skies all around the globe. An old legend tells that should one of these shooting stars make it all the way to the surface, a single wish shall be granted to whoever touches it first. Of course, the stars rarely make it to the earth's surface intact, but there is one place in which they are known to fall more frequently.
Leo Hearst is a high school student living in Turena, a town in the thick of all the beauty nature has to offer. He lives alone in an apartment paid for by his parents who work very demanding jobs in a nearby city. Like everyone in Turena he has heard of the meteor shower legend, but he considers it nothing more than a fairy tale for children. As summer approaches and the school year comes to a close, Leo makes the acquaintance of five girls he has never seen before, each of whom catches his attention for being a more than a little out of the ordinary. Over he slowly comes to learn more about them his skepticism and disbelief are turned upside down as he discovers that these girls may not quite be what they seem.

While utilizing tropes that VN enthusiasts are familiar with, we hope to create something that is entertaining and unique to the high school romance genre.


We have yet to design all the characters, though I will share those that have completed concept art.

Leonardo (Leo) Hearst: The sixteen-year-old protagonist of the story. He is a fairly logical thinker who sometimes allows his curiosity to get the better of him. His day-to-day life is nothing special until he becomes involved with the five mysterious girls.

Ashe: A strange but very polite girl who lives in the forest. She loves to learn new things and maintain the natural beauty of Turena, but a strange illness prevents her from performing to the best of her abilities.

Luci: A jumpy girl that secretly follows Leo around. Something about her personality seems off, as if she's holding back or hiding a secret she does not want to keep.

Mara: A mean-spirited girl who picks on Leo at every opportunity despite the fact that they are practically strangers. Her piercing eyes and the dark spots on her neck are almost as intimidating and off-putting as her personality.

Rena: An upbeat, energetic girl who is never seen without a pair of animal ears on her head. She can be a bit overbearing with her onslaught of seemingly random questions, but her friendly attitude is charming, if not a somewhat childish.

Syrene: Merely a name that gets brought up from time to time. Leo isn't sure if he has even met her or not, but the mystery surrounding her has sparked his interest.

Yuuji Nakamura: Leo's closest friend in Turena. He's a goofball that somehow manages to excel in everything school-related. Where Leo is more of the straight man, Yuuji is the foil that keeps him on his toes.

Ami D'Amour: Yuuji's childhood friend. She is the one that keeps Leo and Yuuji grounded when they get out of hand. Though usually kind and composed, as a member of the student council, she is strict when it comes to upholding the rules but easily gets flustered when she takes on too many jobs.

A number of supporting characters will also help progress aspects of the story.
Louis Undra-Wiser (Mr. U): Leo and Yuuji's homeroom teacher and club advisor
Shida Goodwin: A master's student researching some kind of nature-related things around Turena
Lyra and Orion Hearst: Leo's parents
Carina Hearst: Leo's younger sister


Director: GengaJupite
Lead Editor: Ed Malus
Programmer: Droory

Writing Team:

Concept Art: Minute Kiwi
Character Art: Now Recruiting!
Background Art: Now Recruiting!
CG Artist: Now Recruiting!
GUI: Now Recruiting!

Music: GengaJupite

If you have any interest in joining the team, please feel free to check out our recruitment thread here [link to thread].


While these numbers are not exact, they represent a rough estimate of where we are looking to go with Children of Cosmos. As ambitious as it may seem for our first VN, each of our writers is/was active in the fanfiction community, all four having written at least one story of over 100k words.

Total Word Count: 620k-830k words
Per Route: 112k-154k words
Common Route: 60k words

Current Production Stats [May 6/16]:
Common Route Completion: 60%
Individual Heroine Routes: 0%
Sprites: 5%
Backgrounds: 1%
CGs: 0%

All feedback is welcome and if you have any interest in joining the team, please check out our recruitment thread! Thanks for checking this out and we hope to see you in the future!