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"We are all stardust…"

Who Are We?

Starfall Studios is a group of talented and passionate amateurs creating our first Visual Novel, “Children of Cosmos”. Our team currently consists of four writers (including a musician and a programmer) and an editor, and we are looking for character and/or background artists to round off our group and inspire us to greater heights! We intend our final product to be as high a quality as possible and we would love to work with anyone who shares our goal.

What Are We Doing?

Children of Cosmos is a supernatural romance visual novel very much in the traditional style. Our protagonist is a young man living on his own for the first time who meets an array of colourful girls who will change his life in one way or another – depending on his choices, of course. Accompanying our story will be background art, CGs, and music, although we do not plan on using voice acting for the dialogue.
The background to our story relates to a spectacular meteor shower taking place in the skies all around the globe once every hundred and fifty years. An old legend tells that should one of these shooting stars make it all the way to the surface, a single wish shall be granted to whoever touches it first. Of course, the stars rarely make it to the earth's surface intact, but there is one place in which they are known to fall more frequently.
This brings us to Leo – a high school student living in Turena, a town in the thick of all the beauty nature has to offer. He lives alone in an apartment paid for by his parents who work very demanding jobs in a nearby city, and like everyone in Turena he has heard of the meteor shower legend, but he considers it nothing more than a fairy tale for children. As summer approaches and the school year comes to a close, Leo makes the acquaintance of five girls he has never seen before, each of whom catches his attention for being a more than a little out of the ordinary. Over the course of the story his skepticism and disbelief are turned upside down as he discovers that these girls may not quite be what they seem.

What We Need

A reliable and enthusiastic artist, able to work in the anime style and consistently produce quality designs. Many of us are first-timers picking it up as we go, so don’t worry if you’ve never worked on or even read a VN before – it’s a learning experience for us all!
We have five main female love interests and several supporting characters of both sexes, and most of these will need sprite art in various stances and roughly two different outfits, depending on the character. If you feel up to it, there will also be a number of opportunities for backgrounds and event CGs.
To get a better idea of the quality we hope to achieve, here is a concept sprite of one of the characters. As of right now, we do not actually have any completed backgrounds, though unfinished concepts can be provided upon request.

Aside from some basic established character details, you will have a high degree of latitude to take the designs in your own direction, so let your imagination run wild!
While we are currently only seeking sprite and background artists specifically, those with other skillsets (such as writing, GUI, etc.) are certainly welcome to contact us as well!

What We Can Offer

As a volunteer-driven project, our goal is to create a friendly environment in which all members' voices can be heard, regardless of their role. What this means is a level of involvement and group engagement that each individual feels comfortable with. Members are also free to post work to their portfolios (though we do ask, of course, that spoiler-related material be withheld until later times).
In terms of compensation, our funds are existent but fairly limited. For further inquiry, please send a message directly so that we can discuss the specific terms of partnership.

Contact Info

Feel free to contact me at or through Skype (GengaJupite). While I do respond to PMs as well, email and Skype are the fastest ways to get in touch with me. Thank you for your interest!