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Meeting #11

Jenjen's manfriend is now officially known as "the steve" in all lowercase letters. Other than providing that mild bit of entertainment, jenjen did not really do much at this meeting. We all blame the steve.

Now that we all have each other on Facebook and Skype, messaging should be easy, and sending files back and forth when writing collaborative parts will be quicker, though the actual process of writing will probably still take just as long. Most of the time, collaborations for Part One will be between jenjen and kin or droory and me, but there are a few other times when i'll have to collaborate with jenjen and kin (because I'm writing Mara's parts too).

Kin is going to write the final Part One scene between Leo and Syrene, since this is the first time the two both see each other and interact. For now, the rest of us probably can't jump right to writing the final scene because there's too much stuff for us to figure out prior to that. Droory and I figured out most of Ashe's details, jenjen and I still have to figure out our own details and a bunch of the in-between stuff.

Sometime before the next meeting, I'm going to try and put together a bunch of what I'm calling "consideration lists." I'll upload the most updated version of the Part One Scenario once I've figured out eveyone's details, and what these consideration lists will do are show what sorts of things you have to consider while writing out a scene between Leo and your girl. For example, one of the big things in the test intro for Syrene was that she saves him from drowning; however, this scene doesn't necessarily need to take place for the player to end up on Syrene's route. Obviously this would be a big thing to mention when the two of them eventually come face-to-face with each other, but there has to be an if statement that alters the conversation if it didn't occur. I'll upload all those lists onto this post once I've finished them, but if you're having trouble writing multiple conversation possibilities, message me and I'll explain how it works. Droory will also know since it's mainly a coding thing.

Once everything's uploaded and whatnot, I'll message everyone so they can download and hopefully start writing. You guys know what to do with any questions.

Here are the most updated files and consideration lists I have finished:
Part One Scenario
Part One Flowchart (On Day Eight, Mara's red part should read "≥2" instead of "=2")
Ashe Consideration List
Luci Consideration List
Syrene Consideration List
Rena Consideration List
Mara Consideration List