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Meeting #10

Jenjen was late as usual, so droofy and I did most of the discussing. A lot of it was code-related but we did end up covering a few things that we'll all need to know.

This is the file that details everything we've figured out for Part One so far. It's probably a little tricky to read but that's what the flowchart is there to help you do.
This file shows how points are being calculated. Again, it probably won't make much sense on its own, so have it open while you go through the flowchart so that you can make sense of what's going on.
This is the mostly finished flowchart for part one. As you'll see while you scroll down, there are a bunch of parts that are really generic or just say something like "Details undecided" because we haven't specified what's going to happen during these parts. Ideally I'd like to figure out as much as we can soon so that we don't have to worry about it when we get to it, but for now just take some time to think about your parts.

Probably the most important thing we went over was how some of the writing process is going to work (we'll go over it again more in-depth next meeting). Our original plan was just to have everyone write the scenes that their girl is in and go with that, but the problem that arises is that a lot of scenes feature one of the girls talking about another, specifically Luci with Syrene. Syrene doesn't actually appear before Leo until the end of Part One, assuming that the player is heading down her route, so all of her scenes prior to that are either Leo by himself or conversations with Luci or Mara. Similarly, Ashe does some talking about Rena and Mara, and that would end up leaving a lot of writing to Jen and Droory.
We don't have a set solution for now, but the plan is to collaborate on these scenes so that details can make sense and writing styles are kept consistent (it's alright if they change in Part Two, since one would assume that Leo's personality differs slightly from route to route). Ideally, one person will write the scene and the other will heavily direct exactly what they want to happen, or one person writes the first draft and they continue to edit back and forth until a mutually accepted scene is created. It's a slow process either way, but necessary if we want things to be done right.

I'm hyperlinking our names on the Members and Meetings thread to go to our FF profiles, that way we can get in contact with each other when we're not on skype or something. At the moment, this is mostly to get in contact with Kin since she's usually not on skype, but things happen and some weird circumstance might require us to start contacting each other on there.

Anyway, for next meeting, figure out the details of anything that says "details undecided" or just any generic spots where it pertains to your girl. I'm hoping to find some time before next meeting to continue adding onto the script, but things are pretty busy right now and I can't promise anything. As always, message me or reply on this thread if you have any questions.