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Alright, I haven't really been keeping track of the past few meetings but we just recently finished meeting #9.

First things first, meeting dates have been changed from Fridays to Sundays at the same time as usual, meaning the next meeting is on Sunday, May 10th! As always, check the Members and Meetings thread if you aren't sure what time to show up at. This might change after the summer, depending on everyone's schedules, but at least for the next four months this is when we'll be meeting.

We talked a bit about the effects of club choices and how it'll differ from the test intro (at this point I'm assuming everyone's played through it a couple times and has the basic idea for how it works). Club choices are no longer determinate of which routes you can end up on, meaning that you can choose any club and still end up on any of the girl's routes; however, picking a certain club may make it easier to get onto a certain girl's route.
What clubs do now is provide event scenes for later on, once you've already ended up on a route. Depending on which girl's route the player has ended up on, the club chosen may result in an extra scene being shown. What we've tentatively decided for the event scenes and route are as follows:
Ashe: Track and Film/Photo
Rena: Track and Swimming
Luci: Choir and Film/Photo
Syrene: Choir and Swimming
Mara: Going Home Club

If, say, the player were to choose the Swim Team but wanted to end up on Ashe's route, this would still be attainable, but there would be no event scene for it in Part Two. As an example (since we haven't decided what these events will be yet), the Swim Team event could be a swim meet, but because Ashe can't leave the forest, she would not be able to attend or help him train. More fittingly, Rena and Syrene would be able to help him train (Rena could potentially watch the meet in her fox form or something as well), so the extra scene(s) would be training and watching the meet.
Mara is special in that she is the only one who triggers something by choosing the Going Home Club. Though it wasn't discussed in the meeting (I'll bring it up in the next one), since we want Mara to be the hardest route to get on, I was thinking that choosing one of the other clubs (maybe Film/Photo) would make it easiest to get onto her route, but since the Going Home Club is the only way to get her event scene, players would have to figure out another way to build up "Mara points" (see the test intro flowchart if you don't know what I mean by "Mara points").
What all this means is that you'll have to keep in mind all the possibilities of club choices as you're writing the script. Some conversations or monologues may need several versions based on the club, and some entire scenes (such as going to practice) will change the entire aesthetic of what's going on. I highly suggest that you download Ren'Py (the program we are using to build the game) and go through the tutorial if you are worried about some of the scripting things. Droory and I may be able to figure out what you want if you write in instructions, but the fastest way for the coding process to go would be for you to do what you can to learn at least the things you think you'll need to know. If you don't have time to go through the whole Ren'Py tutorial, you can also check out the test intro script to see certain things being put into use (ex. lines that can only be said if a certain event has happened). You can also check out the Part One script, as it will be getting added onto more as time progresses. Though the actual coding bits at the time I'm posting this are rather scarce, you will eventually be able to see a number of things being put into play.
And, in case anyone needs a reminder (*cough* *cough* Jenny *cough* *cough*), the Going Home Club is just a play on words meaning that Leo (and Yuuji by default) are not in clubs, and that their "club" activity is going home. Because it has the least activity later on (the others all have some kind of sports meet or showcase thing), this could be one of the choices that most easily leads to a bad/neutral end in Part One (meaning the player does not end up on any route and does not advance to Part Two)

I'll try and summarize some of the more important things we went over the past few meetings but bear in mind that my memory of them isn't stellar, nor do I feel like going through the insanity that those meetings were to pick out the important stuff (jk I just did, it took me two hours, and there was nothing there that I didn't remember already...).
1) Jenny has been promoted to co-director for Part One. Basically she and I will be writing all of the in-between segments and anytime when Leo isn't interacting with one of the five main girls (except for Syrene, since kin is sticking with the idea of not having them actually meet until the very end of part one). We'll also be piecing together part one into a flowchart, so the more details you tell us about how Leo and your girl meet, the easier we can figure things out.
2) Going off of point 1 there, since Syrene and Leo won't meet until it's pretty much assured that he will end up on her route, she will have to be introduced in some way if you plan on including her in your route (meaning that she has to be introduced in Part Two in some way).

That seems to be it, but as always, shoot me a message or reply to this thread if you have any questions. One last thing, though it's completely optional, I'd recommend you guys subscribe to the whole forum and click the "Daily Digest" option when prompted how you'd like to receive emails. Basically, if anyone posts something, you'll get an email around midnight that tells you something has been posted (unless you'd rather get an individual email each time someone posts (which could get hectic when we eventually get artists and beta-readers onboard)). Normally I wouldn't bother telling you to do so, but since posts are pretty rare (typically me updating after meetings or posting music for now), it's not going to flood your inbox with things you don't care about. If you want to subscribe, click the options button on the home screen and click "Your Subscription" (it might say something else like "subscribe" but since I already am that's what shows up for me). Again, it's optional (if I really wanted to, I could use my admin powers to force a subscription onto everyone, but I'll abstain), so if you don't want the emails, then it's not a problem.