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— by GengaJupite GengaJupite
Hmm, I don't really get the melancholy vibe from it but I've also listened to it too many times to count so maybe I'm just too desensitized to the emotional impact from the first listen. Not sure about winds or brass, but I can definitely imagine it with strings (specifically cello, like I said).

Anyway, third piece is...kind of finished. This one definitely needs some work but I think it should work for generic, upbeat BGM.

Let's Play!.mp3

Also gonna stick a reminder here for myself (and Droory will need to know for coding too). Most of the pieces aren't going to loop perfectly at the beginning and end. The way they work is that there's an intro that could last anywhere from half a second to something like twenty seconds, and then it reaches the point that loops with the end. When we actually get to coding, I'll have to make an intro file and looping file so that we can place them back to back in the script. If all goes well, the intro should lead straight into the looping file without stopping and then we can just program the looping one to loop until the next music needs to play.