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— by Droory Droory
Woo! Girl interaction! Let's do it! More pumped up shouts and so on!

Yup, we need to figure out geogoraphy too. Maybe do up a map or something. And speaking of girl interactions and stuff, we should probably have more leo/friend interaction than we've had, which is basically nothing. You know days where he'll go out with his friends to a movie or something, or not going out makes em think you don't like em anymore.

I think the thing with Ashe is that she didn't fully "seperate" from her original form when the bit of meteor fell into the forest. (lol literally just thinking psynergy stones and tret/laurel) So like, part of her soul or something is still inside the tree, so going too far from it she starts to feel weaker and weaker. Pretty much can't really get to the edge of the forest without feeling faint.
At least I think that was what we had.

I could see Luci and Rena going from area to area freely in their alt forms. Luci could quite easily visit Leo's home by being butterfly or something from some late night hanky-panky before flying away again the next morning.

But yeah... more planning needed bruhs.