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— by LuxraysGoneAwry LuxraysGoneAwry
Lol at that Skype/social recluse thing. I did that for about half a year, think I stopped right before you mentioned this whole novel thing, around the time we added each other on Skype.

Anyway, that all sounds good. I definitely think at the next meeting we need to elaborate on just what the backstories and permanent locations in Turena are. It'd be waaaay beneficial (also I just realized I forgot to write Luci's butterfly wings into my snippet, so major derp on my end) to all of us.

I admit I didn't -really- pay attention the first times I played through the test VN you guys made, but after playing it again I like the idea that Mara, Luci, and Syrene are in the same area, as well as Ashe and Rena in the forest. Are we keeping that? If so that could make for some cute, playful back and forth among the girls.

Oh, and does that mean that the forest and lake are pretty close? According the stock images anyway (I know that's not much to go on, lol) that big tree/Ashe and the clearing appeared in both. Wouldn't that mean they all at least know of one another's existence already?

Hmm... I guess I'm just a little confused why the girls have to stay in the same general area. Is it because of their appearances? I get why Syrene can't leave the lake (duh) but is Ashe, like... bound to her tree self? If she wanders too far she might just disappear or something?
-Maybe in the human arc (do they all turn human or just the girl you pick?) they could meet up, then, and talk about how happy they are that they're not mythical creatures anymore and stuff.

So Shida's a researcher, just of the strange happenings in general, then, and when you decide which girl/route you want to pursue she sort of specializes in that? Taking a stab and guessing that Ami's just jealous or something, lol.

Well anyway, whether you wanna answer all this junk here or at the next meeting that's fine by me. I guess we really don't even have to cover this until we're about to write our respective character routes anyway :p