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Haha, it doesn't really matter where you send the message; I'll end up seeing it regardless. But yes, this is good for everybody else to see, and I've been thinking something similar lately. We can bring it up in the next meeting too (it kind of got brought up in the second or third one but didn't really get anywhere).

I was actually thinking about this in a broader sense: not necessarily having all the girls meet in one place but having an event or events that happen regardless of the route and affect each one in a similar way. I'm pretty sure I did mention including other girls in each individual route (so like how you want to write Ashe into yours) and some of these things can work either as cross-route events or just things that only happen in one route.

Anyway, I'm not opposed to the idea of having them all get together or going into public, but you did already mention some of the bigger issues with trying to get that to work. I guess I haven't really stressed them yet but I can right now.
There isn't a set geography for what Turena looks like, but one thing I sort of pictured in my head was that Ashe and Syrene can't really be in the same place as each other since they can't leave the lake or forest respectively. That same issue would crop up again in the public setting.
Depending on the characters, I could see a public setting working but keep in mind the characters' personalities. Luci, aside from having wings that would be pretty hard to hide, clams up around people that aren't Leo (assuming you're sticking with that idea). Rena has her tail, and even though she's curious about humans, she's really cautious around people that, again, aren't Leo. Mara especially doesn't want to be around people because she tried to interact with them in the past only to get shunned for her extremely inhuman appearance (it's one of the few points of her backstory that's been figured out).

Since we aren't talking about the human arc yet, I feel the need to mention Shida as well. We've been sort of busy just figuring out basic stuff but I've been meaning to remind everybody that there are two pseudo-antagonists in this whole thing, being Shida for the first story arc and Ami for the human arc. Now, depending on how you want to go about writing, Shida may or may not even be in your route all that much, but one of the points about her was that because her field of study changes from route to route she is the scariest person to any of the girls (except for maybe Ashe since she looks exactly like a human already). The basic idea is that if Shida discovers them, research teams get involved, publicity skyrockets, chaos ensues, etc.

I'm being longwinded but hopefully that's a good thing here. I am encouraging having the girls interact with each other. The dynamic between a lot of them can be really interesting, especially when you go into the backstories. For example, Luci and Mara are technically 150ish years old, both having been turned into what they are during the previous meteor shower. They've had a lot of time to get to know each other. Same goes for Ashe, who is more than 300 years old. Syrene and Rena, on the other hand, were born into the world as what they are, meaning that they are as old as they look.
Sort of continuing on this tangent, one of my early conflict ideas was the fact that Luci, Mara, and Ashe would essentially have to give up their immortality if they choose to become human. They wouldn't be able to live long enough to experience the next one if they did, so there wouldn't be a chance to undo it. This of course wouldn't apply to Syrene or Rena since those two have mortal lifespans.

TL;DR: I'm encouraging interaction between girls and am open to ideas for cross-route events. Keep character backstories and personalities in mind, as well as conflicts! Also remember that backstories aren't fully set in stone and that certain elements can be changed!

If you need me to elaborate on anything here or want to know about the characters, skype message me or ask on here! I'm kind of a social recluse and always have my skype status set to invisible, so even if it looks like I'm not online, I see your messages the moment I'm on the computer.