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— by LuxraysGoneAwry LuxraysGoneAwry
Okay so I should probably be sending you a Skype message instead of posting my jumbled thoughts here but I thought it would be helpful(???) if everyone could see this.

...Bear with me, my ideas are always really messy, take all of this with a grain of salt.

How about sometime throughout the story all/most of the girls meet up (dunno how this would work with Syrene in the picture, maybe they go to the beach or something) like how a stereotypical harem would go. They talk about girl things, make fun of Ashe's infinite knowledge, etc. and maybe there's some teasing going on (I could especially see Rena starting it) about who likes who.

Basically I'd love to see the girls just interact together. I know this thing's barely even off the ground right now but the way it's going it seems like they aren't going to be meeting at all, and that just sounds kinda dull to me. Maybe there's a day when the girls go shopping together (again, not sure how this would work with some of them - Luci, Syrene, others with very noticeable... uh, creature-like forms) and at their next meeting (with Leo and one of the girls, or maybe they all called him to one point or something) they're all excited about whatever they bought, and they're so happy they feel like real human beings now, they've never done this before, etc.

Or maybe there's something else entirely that's being planned out, I dunno. I just think it'd be a good idea to put some life into it, otherwise it's just kind of like... you go to this one club to accumulate points with just this one girl and then go down her route and help her with her problems, and then that's it.

Thoughts? (Benga's probably the only one who will reply, if anyone does, lol.)