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I don't think there's too much to say about the most recent meeting. There are a few little tasks that need doing for next time so come prepared! Also, I'm going to post all the character interaction snippets everyone wrote in the Miscellaneous Stuff pad, so if you need to look back at them, they'll be there.

So, for next meeting, everyone needs to write an interaction snippet for Mara since tem wasn't at the meeting and we'll choose which one we like the most. Assuming tem is still on board with this project, this is only so that we can get an idea for what we'd like to see Mara's personality as and how to sort of write her character.

Also, we're going into specifics of part one now. Really think about exactly how you want Leo and your girl to meet and how that will progress into part two. Again, for now you don't really have to think about the other parts, but keep in mind that rewrites will probably be a necessity when we're trying to balance everyone's ideas into a single section of the story. Another very important and helpful thing to remember is that if you plan on actually writing these parts out before the next meeting, it's probably best just to write the scenes where Leo is with the girl so that we can form the connecting bits collaboratively. We can probably save quite a few rewrites by doing this (though they'll still be impossible to avoid). Oh, and writing is in the present tense, meaning most verbs will end "-s" as opposed to "-ed".

On that note, if you want, you can also build a base flowchart for all of part one if you'd like. I'll probably be doing this; we might not end up using it but it's good to see sort of how everyone wants to connect parts together. It's also a draft base, so there is wiggling room around in it.

We kind of touched on it at the very end of the meeting but part one takes place over the last week or week and a half of school before summer break. Part two is the whole summer break, so about two months, and then part three and beyond is up to your own storytelling. I'll probably write the very, very beginning of part one just to get the ball rolling, and you'll be able to see it in the Part One Link.