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Since our Feb. 13th meeting was pretty much a bust, I'm going to post the little bit Jenny and I went over and hope that you guys see this (I sent everyone a PM, so you should have). I know everyone's busy and that other things will often take priority, but it'd be really helpful if you guys could make most of the meetings or at least let me know if you can't so we can reschedule or I can change some of the meeting repertoire to accommodate your absence and then fill you in later.

If you haven't already, please download the file in the post above and play through it a little. This is only a test demo, and we'll likely be changing how part one actually progresses, but it will give you an idea of how the game will be set up. The flowchart is a visual representation of the code; building flowcharts is a huge help when it comes to plotting out your route and also makes it so that Droory doesn't get a migraine trying to figure out what your pseudocode means.

For the next meeting (Feb. 27), I actually want to get this project going, so what I need is for everyone to write a little interaction snippet between Leo and the girl you're writing for so that we can get a feel for how the character is going to be. The focus here isn't on Leo so much as it is on the girl, so make sure that Leo isn't stealing the spotlight. This text file is the snippet I wrote for Rena, and you'll see that it's just a short conversation that gives an idea to her bubbly, curious character. It's also written in the way that the scripting will have to be done, so take note if you missed the meeting about how scripting works (also check out the Programming and Script Guidelines thread and the Miscellaneous Stuff link to get a better feel for it).
And don't worry about the side/supporting characters, as I'll have something for all of them completed by next meeting as well. Just focus on whoever your girl is and sort of Leo.

This is the basic structure of the story in case my explanations so far have been unclear. Part one is really the only part where we'll have to collaborate, but after that you're free to write the rest of the story on your own. If you have any questions about this, post a reply or message me on Skype.
I'd like everyone to think about how you want part one to flow into your individual part twos for next time. What I mean by that is:
a) How do you want Leo to meet the girl in part one?
b) Will they actually interact directly with each other? (Luci and Syrene don't in the demo)
c) What sort of relationship will they have at the start of part two?
Until we know at least these three things, we can't really start writing much of anything for part one. Think of it this way, the faster we get part one completed the faster you can take the story into your own hands. This is what I meant when I said that part one was going to be the most difficult hurdle to get over (and is also the reason we aren't doing an open-route system). Also remember that the demo is just a test and doesn't necessarily represent how we'll plot out the actual part one. Feel free to come up with however you want him to meet the girls and we'll sort out the logistics of it later.

Also on that note, I'll need at least one person to volunteer to help write part one with me. Everyone is going to have some part in writing (mainly for the girls' dialogue) and directing towards their route, but I need someone else to help me write it out. Jenny did mention that she would be up for it, and two of us should be fine, but I'm perfectly fine with having a third person contribute. Four might be too many for one section, so if you want to help set the base writing style for the rest of the story, let me know!

I think that's everything I needed to mention. If you have any questions, leave a reply or send me a message!