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— by GengaJupite GengaJupite
Woo, progress! Second piece is done! I don't know what Nabble's file size limit is, but apparently this music file is too big... I mean, I did use some pretty good piano sounds but it looks like I'm just going to upload everything to google drive from now on. I'm probably the only audiophile here, so you guys can put up with mp3s so I can save space (and save the wav files for the soundtrack release :3)

Melody at Dusk ~piano~.mp3

Anyway, I'm not sure when exactly this can play. It seems like it could be bgm, but I kind of heard it as title screen music (especially since the fast section in the middle is probably too intense for simple bgm). Not a huge deal, just something to think about for later. Oh, and I'll probably make a version of it later for piano and cello (hence the "~piano~").