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— by GengaJupite GengaJupite
So, as of a few hours ago, our first meeting ended and we actually managed to get some stuff figured out! Yay, progress! In case you guys forgot or weren't there, here's basically what we covered.

1) Our protagonist now has a name! He is Leonardo "Leo" Hearst. Leo comes from the astrological sign and his name refers to the importance of astral/cosmic happenings in the story. His character is similar to how Roxas is portrayed in the AU Kingdom Hearts fandom (sorry, only Kin and I know what that means, but there isn't really a Golden Sun comparison for him). More info on him in the Characters thread.

2) The program we will be using to code everything is called Ren'Py. Though you don't have to, I recommend downloading it and trying the tutorial (and mini VN that comes with it) so you can get a feel for how VNs work. In terms of writing the script, their is a certain protocol for going about it, and you can see a simplified version of that in the Programming and Script Guidelines thread. You can go ahead and try scripting a little thing yourself, or if you have questions, ask Droory before coming to me, as he'll know more about the coding side of things than I will.

3) This goes sort of hand in hand with the point above; the narrative is in first person, present tense from Leo's point of view. During Part One, before he winds up on a specific route, his personality is rather plain and he has a sarcastic sense of humour that isn't obnoxious. The fastest way would be to show you rather than try to compare, so here's a very early intro that I scrapped together for Droory way back when we were in the conception stages. It won't let me upload the actual game file, so this is just the raw script. It might get a little hard to read when the choices get bigger, but this is more or less how the story has to get written when there are important sections involved.

4) As you may have already noticed, there is a new thread called Online Writing Resources. This is how we'll be writing Part One, as it requires all of our input due to the fact that Leo has interactions with all of the girls here. We can edit documents at the same time in realtime, so I've also made a pad for each route, though if you prefer to do all your work in a regular word editing document, that's fine too. Now, when I was choosing a site that hosted these editing pads, I chose one that didn't say it deletes anything, but as a safety precaution, copy and paste everything into a word document when you are finished writing just in case something happens to the online copy.

5) Routes have been assigned! I'll be updating a few threads so that it says who's writing what, but just to be clear I'll list it here as well. The bracketed sections list characters they are similar to in case you needed some more reference (how the fandoms generally portray them as opposed to how they are in the source material). How you shape them to be their own characters beyond that is entirely up to you.
Kin: Syrene (Naminé from Kingdom Hearts; Mia from Golden Sun)
Genga: Rena (Sora from Kingdom Hearts; a playful cross between Ivan and Sheba from Golden Sun)
Droory: Ashe (Sleepy Piers from Golden Sun)
Luxray: Luci (Jumpy, less naïve Nagisa from Clannad)
Tem: Mara (Yukiatsu from Anohana; Any mean tsundere that doesn't fall under the typical high school romcom archetype)
Sorry if the references I gave are something you don't really get. I tried to at least use something the main writer for that girl would know, but I was having trouble coming up with specific examples.

6) Our meeting schedule as I write this has been decided as Fridays at 1pm PST every two weeks starting January 16th! For Kin and Tem that's 3pm! For Luxray that's 4pm! For Droory that's 9pm! I'll post this in the Members and Meetings thread.

Anyway, thanks for taking the first step and helping me make this into a real thing! Hopefully the creation process goes smoothly and we can have the first finished version ready within 3 years (because we're all busy).