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— by kinmoku2 kinmoku2
Still struggle-busing to figure out this whole system, but I'm kinmoku2.

I live in the Midwest and currently study English at my college. I'm a junior, so I'm almost finished with the whole college experience unless I decide to pursue a masters (which I probably will because I'm just that much of a masochist).

Gaming, anime, and writing are my main interests. I don't know if I have an absolute favorite, but Kingdom Hearts is probably my biggest obsession since I've been writing about the series for the past 7-8 years. Occasionally, I branch out, but it's rare.

I know Genga since he's been my lovely beta on FF for the past couple of years; don't be afraid to send me reminders about things. I'm absent-minded and have Pokemon Alpha Sapphire--not a good combo.