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— by GengaJupite GengaJupite
Hey, as of today I'm out of school until early January so I was thinking that we should figure out sometime to have our first official meeting. I know not everyone on the team has shown up yet and that you might still have school for a bit, but most of us writers are here so we should be able to discuss a few things. In particular, I'd like to figure out details for part one (as it'll be a fairly collaborative process) and then get an idea of where we'd all like to head with our respective routes (as well as who would like to take on each route). Also, I no longer have a preference of which route I'd like to take, so all those notes I had for Syrene's route can now be looked at as old suggestions.

Anyway, first things first, let's pick a date when everyone can meet! Also keep in mind that Droory and I are eight hours apart from each other. I'm assuming everyone else is somewhere in between and much closer to me than him, so mornings and afternoons over here in North America probably work best.