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— by LuxraysGoneAwry LuxraysGoneAwry
Hello! I'm awkward on forums and really anywhere else, but my name over on FFnet is CreationsGoneAwry and everywhere else but Skype I'm known as Luxray or Luxraysrock, so I just combined the two... You can call me Jenny or Jen but never Jennifer or we'll have problems.

What I mainly write for are Golden Sun, Fire Emblem, and Pokemon, though I do dabble in some Rune Factory 4. I have multichaps up but am either too lazy or just forget to update them. They just sit there collecting dust now, though I am rebooting a few.

GJ kinda sorta (and in a way I guess Droory) invited me here to be a maybe sorta writer, so uh... that's why I'm here. In general I think my strong suit is dialogue so let's see if I can contribute anything!

Thanks for having me :)