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I'm uploading the sketches I did of some of the characters (and this is also why we're looking for artists as opposed to having me do them ). I'll probably upload in batches of three as I sketch them out but have a look and if you're feeling ambitious, you can try sketching some yourself. These are just going to be used to show artists the basic idea behind what we're looking for anyway.

None of the images are at full size but you can click on their name if you want to see it full size. I've also made a link to the album with all the sketches I've done so far.

Yuuji Nakamura

Yuuji Nakamura
Notes: "Blazer and tie" – "Summer Uniform (Pocket needs emblem)"
Yuuji is the only sketch that turned out pretty much the way I pictured him in my head.


Notes: "Hair should be thinner" – "Needs a unique star or shell barrette" – "Scale design"
Probably the least close to what I pictured of these three. I was thinking she'd look kind of like a mix between a younger Syrene (unintentional same name) from Fire Emblem Sacred Stones and Atalanta from Golden Sun, but I obviously couldn't manage to figure that out with my own sketching. Also, my bad on making her head oversized; it's anime style, heads can be big


Notes: "Eyes need to be beadier" – "Bow" – "Wings will have designs" – "Dress needs more detail"
Her dress should also be black. I was really, really loosely trying to base her design off of Kuroyukihime from Accel World. For some reason this picture scanned at a smaller size than the others.

So, yeah, I'm not an artist, which is why we're trying to find some, but these are kind of like skeletons of what I'd like the final product to resemble. If you're really against these designs, let me know and/or sketch out what you had in mind and upload it!
...Ugh, I also didn't think you'd be able to see the eraser lines when I scanned these, but they're pretty visible... OTL

Update Dec. 9: Here's batch 2


Notes: "Hair should be a bit wavier"
I'm actually really happy with how this one turned out, which is probably why there's only one note on it.


Notes: "Hair partially covers eye" – "Eyes are a bit sleepy" – "Only girl able to read fluently" – "Milky brown robe w/ minimal or no design"
Her eyes are a bit bigger than I'd intended and I'm also not sure why I included the book and point about reading when this is just for character design. Oh well.


Notes: "Hair is violet w/ black highlights/streaks" – "Face should be more feminine (Eyes more snakelike, Scales fade around chin area)" – "Skin has scales everywhere but face" – "Clothes subject to change (Possibly hoodie w/ hood up or beanie, Top should be baggier)" – "Overall, body should be slimmer" – "Tail size can be different"
Ugh, I got lazy with this last one. Her eyes came out the way I wanted (though her left eye is missing the shine), but everything else I kind of rushed on because I just wanted to get all the main girls sketched out. Anyway, the notes more or less cover all the things that should be done with her design.

Mara v2

Mara [v2]
Finally got around to redrawing her. Still not exactly what I want her to look like, but this is closer than the first version. I'm not really sure how to make the eyes any more snakelike, so we're gonna have to leave that up to the artist. The thing on her head is a beanie, by the way; I originally drew her with her hood up, but couldn't get it to look normal. Oh, and the hoodie is supposed to be really baggy, so she doesn't actually have a really long torso, though it would be fitting for a snake if she did.

I won't draw anything up for the protag and his family until we figure out some more on the protag's design.

Update Dec. 27: Batch 3

Ami D'Amour

Ami D'Amour
Notes: "Summer Uniform (Uniform design not set)"
I just drew her in a sailor uniform because it's fairly generic.

Shida Goodwin

Shida Goodwin
Notes: "Wears cat-eye sunglasses (Sunglasses-to-eye-size ratio should be more equal)" – "Lab coat"
More or less how I pictured her to look. She's only a supporting character anyway.

Mr. U (Louis Undra-Wiser)

Notes: "Supposed to be attractive (lol)" – "Hair shorter than protagonist's" – "Eyes not too bright when open" – "Ring b/c he's married" – "Maybe make body more muscular" – "Schlumpy business-casual clothes"
I didn't rush with his design, but I definitely didn't put in too much effort. The basic concepts are all there in the notes and essentially he's an easygoing teacher that comes off as lazy. He's kind of thin here, especially since he's potentially an athletic coach, so he should probably be bulked up at least somewhat.

Mr. U v2

Louis Undra-Wiser v2
Redrew him and took some more time on it. I think what we decided on was using the physique and hair of this one but the face and I guess personality of the original (specifically going for the closed-eye look (so I suppose his eyes could still look like this when they're open...)). Also, yes, that is an earring on his ear.

Only characters left to sketch out are the protagonist and his family! Not sure when that'll be done, but probably after the first meeting so that we've had a chance to discuss more about them.