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Forgot to add the checklist. Done means that we've finished the main body, Set means we've decided on details and are going to stick with what's there.

Top priority

Character bios: In progress [X] – Done [X] – Set []
Story structure: In progress [X] – Done [] – Set []
Basic route details: In progress [X] – Done [] – Set []
Backstories: In progress [X] – Done [X] – Set []
Part One scenario: In progress [X] – Done [X] – Set []
Part One draft: In progress [X] – Done [] – Set []
Find artists: 1 [X] – 2 [X] – 3 [X] – 4+ []

Lesser priority

Write Part Two: In progress [] – 1-2 routes done [] – 3-4 routes done [] – 5 routes done [] – Set []

Creations sent me a link to an artist friend of hers. His public domain is here, so let me know what you guys think. Personally, I think he'd be great as a line artist, but I think I'd like someone else to do the CG colouring, since the style I imagined is more like the kind you see in traditional VNs (see Katawa Shoujo, Autumn's Journey, Clannad, Fruit of Grisaia, etc.).

Also, this is more specifically directed at Creations, do you have any idea how that colorslive site works? I was looking at another artist's work on there, Soul Hope, and her style looks really, really close to how I was picturing the characters in my head. If anyone can find a way to contact her (or find someone somewhere else that has a similar style), that'd be awesome!