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— by GengaJupite GengaJupite
I realized it would be 23489234759834765772083402341 times easier to use a regular forum than weebly (ugh, weebly is terrible as a planning site), so welcome to our new site!. Also smilies

It should've said on the main page but any time a large block of text is in all italics, it's because I've just imported it over from the old site to this one.
Just kind of realized that we didn't really have a space to actually talk as a collective group. Anyway, this is where pretty much any and everything can get discussed if you want to keep your actual page uncluttered with suggestions and whatnot. First things first, we should probably think of a title for the VN and figure out some of the more important characters names (specifically the protagonist, the girls, and the friends). Droory and I sort of had a chance to figure out the setting but if you have anything to add, share it please!

Setting: Turena (anagram of nature). A town surrounded by nature in a non-specified location on Earth. It is relatively close to the ocean, but not enough that it could be considered a seaside/oceanside town.

Since the location is non-specified, people's names don't have to be of any sort of ethnicity (English, French, German, Japanese, etc.). If you want to push for a name, go for it (even better if that name has some kind of meaning behind it!).

So I had a thought on certain looks for the mermaid and snake/insect/tree girls.
It pretty much stemmed from the exclusion of breasts to be honest, because as amphibians/reptiles/insects/trees they wouldn't have ever needed mammary glands so developing breasts after touching the meteor would be weird right?

I mean, I suppose we could have the mermaid with em because a sailor wished for them to be real and it wasn't a fish that turned into one. I was thinking we could give her more fish-like qualities like webbed fingers and stuff and was gonna find a reference image, but then figured using Princess Ruto from LoZ would be a good character to compare. You know, skin somewhat scaly but still sleek, light blue tinge to an otherwise "normal" skintone, gills, a flatter kind of nose, you get my gist.

But like, the snake/tree/insect would have no reason to develop breasts through their transformation, right? It would be fairly weird in all fairness.

I didn't really think about breast sizes but now that you've mentioned them, I think it would be just as odd to completely exclude them as it would to have giant knockers on them. I get what you're saying from a scientific perspective, but thinking about the fact that they are all humanesque girls, it would seem kind of odd if the mermaid and fox were the only ones with something and the other three were all super flat. When I picture what the characters look like in my head though, I don't imagine anything over a C cup.

I like the webbed fingers idea (not to the point of being fin-like but more of a translucent webbing), but some of the other things I'm kind of iffy about. In a general sense, the tree girl is the only one that already looks exactly like a human, meaning that she won't actually change appearance when she becomes one (except maybe her hair but that's a minor point). The snake in contrast looks the least human: most of her body except her face is scaly, her eyes are snake-like, she has a reptilian tail, etc.. I want to avoid giving scales to the mermaid mostly because it's a rather distinctive quality of the snake, showing that her wish in the past got all screwed up. The blue tinge I'm not opposed to as long as it isn't too much (considering her hair and eyes are already blue). Gills and a flatter nose are more up to the artist's discretion I think.

If I had to give bust sizes, I'd say Snake is AA, Insect is A, Tree is B, Fox is B, Mermaid is B or C. This isn't a fanservice-y game, but it also isn't riddled with scientific explanations (they're touching magical meteorites to grant the wish of becoming humans). Sizes could even change after they become human, but we need our artist to be okay with drawing up more than one body type (though that's kind of a requirement since almost everyone's look is going to change).

Yeah, I figured with the whole magic thing we would have /some/ explanation for it. Ah well, just my two cents. Oh and I do literally imagine Snake girl to look like a cuter/hotter version of Voldemort facially.