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 Lol at the fact that I made this topic last when I was importing everything... Anyway, go ahead and introduce yourself! It shouldn't be as important now that we're on a forum, but still say what timezone you're in so we can figure out good times to have meetings and whatever. I know skype or facebook would be the best ways to message each other since we can do it live, but you guys don't want to add me on that stuff; I'm boring.

I'm Ben (or Genga, whatever floats your boat) and I'm basically heading this little project we've got here. I'm from Western Canada (PST -0800). I'll be directing, composing music, scriptwriting, and probably being a consultant for pretty much anything about this since I'm the one who conceptualized it. Since this is a free project, not to mention my first collaborative, public work, I'm not expecting anything too ambitious, but I do want it to be something worth noting as a work I've contributed on (so that I can put it on my music resume in the future ).

Anything else worth mentioning... I go to school for music composition; I've written long stories for Golden Sun, Kingdom Hearts, Fire Emblem, and Legend of Zelda; I'm a total anime geek; I'm also a gaming geek but to a lesser extent than I used to be; and I have a cat that I absolutely loathe. I also have a bad habit of messaging Droory whilst intoxicated but it's gotten better.