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Programming and Script Guidelines
— by GengaJupite GengaJupite
Alright, this page is mainly to help preserve my sanity. Pretty much run you through how to present dialogue and pseudocode to me for when I'm putting it into the code without having to rearrange everything and all else.

So, the syntax is:
letter for character "dialogue"
narrator requires no letter

for example
"I am the narrator"

m "I am a mermaid"

p "I am the protag"

when cf1 and 2 get names their letters will change

i think i'll keep mermaid as m, fox as f, insect as i, tree as t, and snake as s.

For dialogue try and keep characters separate but blocks of the same character together so

n "Line 1"
n "Line 2"

p "Line 1"

and so on
also please don't indent them, renpy will handle that itself and if you have indents i'll have to unindent which, while not a problem, is a time waste

For pseudocode

Just write something to explain it. Like, instead of writing me "if art = 1 and lake > 2", just say "If you chose art and you've gone to the lake twice." Easier to understand that way.
I think that's that for now. If I think of anything else I'll edit here, but that should be it.

Also make sure that those letters stay lower-case (N won't give the same result as n). And correct me if I'm wrong, but if a character is quoting something, then it needs to have backslashes just before the quotation marks.

p "I think they said \"quote,\" and I laughed."

That's right yeah. Although that's not as big of a bother as the other things.

If you have any other questions regarding how something works, ask here. I also recommend downloading Ren'Py and going through the tutorial just to get a feel for how certain things work (you don't need to memorize all the coding, but it'll help if you want to better explain how certain character entrances, exits, scene changes, and whatnot will go).