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Common Aspects of the Human Arc
— by GengaJupite GengaJupite
For now, I'll just keep these notes in point form because these are just the common aspects of each. I'm thinking that there should be a completion percentage at the top of the title screen that changes as the player does more and more stuff. This way, it will show that they've only completed 50% of the entire game if they have every good, neutral, and bad ending for part 2

(i) The Human arc is unlocked after the player gets the good 'end' in part 2 (the girl wishes to become human).
(ii) The first four good 'ends' received will go to the credits and bring the player back to the menu. When the fifth girl's good 'end' has been achieved, a menu will pop up after the credits to ask if the player would like to continue onto the current girl's part 3 or return to the menu.

(i) The girl, after confessing her feelings and becoming human, will enter a relationship with the protagonist
(ii) She ends up living at his apartment, as she does not have anyplace else to stay and cannot continue living in the wild
(iii) Each will have some level of difficulty adapting to human life and culture (some much more than others)
(iv) She gets enrolled in his school (which proves to be problematic since only Ashe knows how to read and Mara can somewhat)
(v) Ami takes a disliking to her, borne of jealousy (This is how she becomes somewhat of an antagonist)
(vi) [Protagonist]'s family comes to visit and meets the girl then, though he manages to convince his parents that she is just a friend
(vii) During the family visit, the girl will have trouble understanding why he does not want to let them know they are dating/living together (Syrene less so because her culture is fairly similar to humans and Mara less so because she is kind of tsundere :P)
(viii) The younger sibling returns at a later date unannounced and coerces the protagonist into telling the truth

There might be more points that I'm forgetting, but I'll add to this list as I remember more things. In terms of bad ends (not for every girl, but because I don't know where else to put a section for these), I thought of a few that could potentially go in some of the routes.
[Bad End 1]: After a fight with his girlfriend, the protagonist cheats on her with Ami after not speaking for a while. If a certain flag was not triggered earlier on, the story will automatically progress to the relationship ending and her transferring away without saying where to. If the flag gets triggered, the story will progress towards a way to get the good or neutral end.
[Bad End 2]: The player continually makes choices that get the protagonist closer to Ami. Protagonist starts to develop feelings for her until a point where the player is given a menu choice that would go something like:
Protagonist: (I know for sure that I feel something for Ami)
[Menu choice]: [I should end things with (girlfriend) before it's too late ; This isn't fair to (girlfriend)]
[Bad End 2 continued]: Choosing "This isn't fair" would lead to the player being able to get the good or neutral endings. Choosing "end things" would lead to the protagonist doing so and beginning a new relationship with Ami. This would make Yuuji uncomfortable around you two, thereby losing his friendship and your girlfriend to transfer away (or at least moving out and not speaking to you anymore). After dating for a short while, Ami realizes that you two don't really work together as a couple, so you break up and go back to being friends, though less close than you were before.