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Lead Writer: Kin

A lone mermaid who was washed inland by a tsunami years ago. The large saltwater lake she lives in is ideal as a home, but she longs for companionship. She fears humans, under the impression that they will test on her if she is discovered.
Timid, Reserved, Gentle, Quiet, Likes to sing

Link to the script

Name: Syrene
Hair: Waist-length, light blue
Eyes: Slightly darker blue than hair
Skin tone: Either pale or very lightly tanned, should be lighter in hue than her hair though.
Clothes: Some kind of bra/bikini top. Should be kept simple in design. A unique shell or star barrette in her hair.
Summary: She was born a mermaid and is the same age as the protagonist. She doesn't know the exact reason for how merpeople came into existence, only something about a sailor long ago wishing for them to exist after touching a meteorite. After she was washed inland by the tsunami years ago, she became stranded with no way of returning to the ocean.

Edit: Everything after Part 1 can be seen as optional ideas. I had initially planned to write Syrene's route myself and jotted down all these ideas, but since I don't have a preference for whose route I write anymore whoever gets this one need not follow what is written here.

Part 1

I was thinking that the protagonist would meet her by losing something in the water (maybe a watch or something that would sink). He would drop it as he crosses a bridge over a deep section of the lake after thinking he saw an extremely large fish. The next day he would cross again and find it sitting on the bridge as if it had never fallen in. Confused but not overly fazed by it, he returns home. The next day, he is hanging out with his friends and heading home late or running early in the morning. He leans on the bridge railing, but because it is an old bridge, some of the wood is rotted and he falls through.
Now, if you chose an athletic team as your club, you can't get the mermaid route at all, and he just climbs back onto the bridge and heads home. If you chose a non-athletic team, you start drowning and pass out, only to wake up on the lakeshore with the mermaid peeking at you from behind a rock.

In total, I'm thinking that should count as two choices of the lake path. The first choice is when the protagonist drops the watch and then goes back another day to see it there, and the second choice where he either drowns or gets back up. There's a total of five, so once one of them is chosen three times, that and the club you chose will determine which route you end up on.

After being saved by the mermaid, you notice her peeking at you, but she quickly jumps back into the water and disappears. When you pick the lake for a third time, you want to thank her for saving you and return at nighttime because no one will be around. After spending fifteen minutes calling out random things, the snake girl shows up to laugh at you for making a fool of yourself. She then tells the insect girl to stop hiding and call out the mermaid. The insect girl sings and this gets the mermaid to shyly and cautiously emerge. You thank her, introductions are had, and the mermaid route begins.

Part 2

Mostly relationship-building. There is a hidden place at the lake where you can meet her during the day; otherwise, you meet her at nighttime or very early in the morning. For the first week or so, she is slow to open up to you, but she does seem to enjoy meeting to talk. You ask her if there are other mermaids in this lake, but she gives a sad look doesn't answer.

Throughout the first while, you've noticed someone who seems to be examining parts of the lake. Fearful that they might have spotted the mermaid and were searching for her, you approach them. It turns out that they are just a university master's student conducting research on the lake's ecosystem. Later on, you mention the student to the mermaid in conversation. She already know about them and tries very hard to avoid being spotted.

You come back one day to find the student with some kind of tiny submarine. Asking what it is, you discover that it is actually a camera sub, designed to collect video footage while disrupting the ecosystem as little as possible. You're nervous the whole time, and the student suddenly gets excited, but you can't see why because the screen is not facing you. [Menu choice]: [Knock controller into water, Try to take the controller from them]. (Haven't decided if this will be an important choice or not).

After the first month, you and the mermaid have become quite comfortable around each other. You are going on a three-day trip with your friends, so you warn her to be wary of the camera sub while you're away. Upon returning she does not come out until you are singing embarrassingly loudly.

You ask her about the other mermaids again, and this time she answers you, albeit very hesitantly. She was washed inland years ago and has been living alone ever since. She always longed for some kind of interaction, but could not risk what might happen if she were seen. When she saw you drowning, she didn't need to think twice about what to do. When you tell her that you didn't used to believe in magic, including mermaids and other spirit creatures, she doesn't blame you. She doesn't know how or when mermaids came into being, only that a fisherman once touched a meteorite and wished to see them with his own eyes. (Have a menu choice somewhere in here with a flag)

Later, you find out that the meteor shower is actually happening at the end of summer, a week before school begins. When you go to ask her if she wants to watch it with you, you run into the master's student again. They ask why you are always at the lake and if you know anything interesting about it. Saying yes or no doesn't matter here, they will say their immediate response and then tell you that they've been investigating the lake more and more partly because you seem so interested in it; after all, there would have to be a reason you kept returning. They explain that they'll be bringing in a team soon to conduct some studies at the end of the month and that you are welcome to join if you'd like.

Depressed, you go talk to the mermaid. She asks what's wrong and you tell her that you're the reason the lake has been getting more attention lately. You realize that you've started to develop feelings for her, but decide against asking her how she feels. There is a lot at stake here, and you don't want her to get discovered. Sadly, she asks what you plan on doing. [Menu choice]: [I should stop coming here, I'll find a way to keep you safe].

[Keep you safe] leads to the bad 'end'. You continue showing up, trying to be secretive. A couple days before the meteor shower you discover the student at your usual meeting place. They are thrilled to have found some kind of undiscovered organism living in this secluded spot, so they will be bringing in an even bigger team to investigate the lake on a nearly 24-hour basis. The meteor shower passes and the team leaves a few days later. You try to call out the mermaid but the insect comes to tell you that she is too afraid to come out at a human's beckoning now. School begins, and despite always taking the lake path home, calling out to her on occasion, she never appears.

[I should stop coming here] leads to the good and neutral 'end'. You tell her that you care a lot about her, but because of you, the student keeps on coming back. After sadly agreeing, you spend the next few days with your school friends. A week before the meteor shower, you run into the snake. She calls you pathetic and says that the student has apparently stopped showing up after finding nothing stimulating enough to write their thesis on. You quickly return to the hidden place at the lake and tell the mermaid about the meteor shower, since you never got the chance to before.

The night of the meteor shower, you meet with her and watch the sky light up. The two of you discuss all that has happened this summer and get closer to each other than you normally would. As the moment settles in, you are about to confess your feelings when a light crashes down onto the edge of the lake. Both of you quickly head over to where it is and see a glowing, shimmering rock at the water's edge. She asks which one of you should get to touch it. [Menu choice]: [I don't have anything to wish for, You should].

Both end the same way, but saying [You should] has you confess your feelings and tell her that you'll respect her choice if she chooses to go back to the ocean. If flag=true, then she will become a human, saying that her family has probably moved on somewhere else and that she would be alone in the huge ocean. You embrace and she confesses her feelings as well, screen fades black. If flag=false, she returns to the ocean. The next day, you head over to the ocean shore, sad to know that she is gone but happy that she is back where she belongs. On the ground you notice something and pick it up. It's the shell/star barrette that she always wore, and you take it with you as you head back home.

Human Arc (Only unlocked after seeing the Part 2 good ends for all the girls)

Part 3

School has begun, and somehow you've managed to fill out all the paperwork so that she can enroll at school with you. The two of you are now living together since she has nowhere to stay. She also has to use crutches for the first couple of weeks, as she is not used to standing or using legs, despite having the muscle capacity to hold herself up.