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Lead Writer: Genga

An upbeat fox girl with the ability to switch between her animal and humanlike form. She makes her home in the forest, but often ventures out into the residential districts of town. Despite her boundless curiosity for humans, she has always been cautious of them after her mother was killed by a hunter.
Upbeat, Direct, Playful, Curious, Loud

Link to the script

Just going through some short descriptions of her.

Name: Rena
Hair: Short and wavy (less than shoulder-length), reddish brown with lighter tips (colour of fox fur)
Eyes: Gold or Purple
Skin tone: Lightly tanned
Clothes: Crop top, scarf, uneven side slit skirt
Summary: She was born a fox with the ability to change into a humanlike form. Her age is unspecified, but appears to be around the same age as the protagonist. She doesn't know how she gained her ability to change into a fox-human, and the only one who might have known was her mother. She is tirelessly curious of humans, but keeps a wary eye out for hunters all the time.
Humanlike Form: Fox ears, tail, sharp canines

Part 1

Part 2

No solid points yet. I want her to be pretty eager to become a human though. It'll serve as a nice conflict in the Human arc.

Human Arc (Only unlocked after seeing the Part 2 good ends for all the girls)
Part 3

School has begun, and somehow you've managed to fill out all the paperwork so that she can enroll at school with you. The two of you are now living together since she has nowhere to stay.

After a while, she starts to regret becoming human. There are a lot of rules and customs that she feels are constricting her from being herself. Out of all the girls, she is the most eager to become human, but she is also the most remorseful later on.