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I don't have an exact plan for this yet, but I do have a few ideas I want to include in this initial part of the VN. I think it should start a day or two before school gets let out so there is time to introduce some of the school characters before they are let out for the summer. It's a good chance to introduce the protagonist's close friends instead of having them just show up during summer break. Of course, their roles are more important in the Human arc (the arc that is unlocked after all of the good 'ends' have been achieved), but I think it would still be a good idea to introduce them earlier on.

Since they've already been in school for a while as well, joining a club right before summer break starts doesn't really make sense, so I thought a good way to choose one would be something like this:

Close Friend 2: "Ah, summer's just starting but I still have to go through all the club paperwork for the student council! What club are you in again?"
[Menu]: [Swim Team, Track Team, Choir Club, Film/Photography Club]
Protagonist: "I'm in/on the [choice], remember? We met because you were doing an inspection there."

That's a really simplified version of what I want, but the basic idea is there. Choosing a certain club will affect what route you end up on, but there'll be more detail on that later and definitely in each route's page.

Then, after they've been let out for summer, I want there to be a choice like:
Narration: "The path splits here. I'm not in a hurry to get home, so I can walk by the lake, or I can take the forest and get back sooner."
[Menu]: [Take the lake path, Take the forest path]

This choice will be presented five times, though in different circumstances (heading out from home, coming back late, going for a run, etc.). Depending on which route was taken more and a few other choices from before, this will trigger whose route you end up on. Picking the lake path more often will get you on the mermaid, insect, or snake routes. Picking the forest path more will get you on the fox or tree routes. I think the snake's should be the hardest one to attain.

The events will always be the same until the third time you choose one of the paths, so it does not matter what order you take them in (unless you want to go on the snake's route). The mermaid is only accessible if you have not chosen an athletic team as your club and you take the lake path twice. The snake should only be accessible if you choose one club in specific, and go lake, forest, forest, lake, lake or something; otherwise, choosing the lake three times in any other order would get you the insect (or mermaid if you chose a non-athletic club). The fox is accessible if you choose an athletic club and take the forest three times, the tree if you choose a non-athletic club and take the forest three times. I'm not sure how difficult it will be to program the snake's part, but hopefully you can make it work, Droory.

Any thoughts? We'll need to get into specifics later on, and it'll be a team effort to write this first part, seeing as it leads into the character arcs that will more or less be written individually or in pairs.

Ah, shouldn't be too hard to code for the snake's route. Sure I can wing something together. I'll need to read more into the renpy api to see if they have functions for saving game data or flags or whatever after completion so that we could get to the human end after getting all the good ends.
Other than that everything seems fairly easy to handle so no worries on my part.
Seems all good too, so woo!

Quick glance at guides in the files show stuff for filesaves so no worries there.