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Update November 27, 2015: Our writing resources have been changed to the shared google drive, so the etherpads below are obsolete. I will keep them due to the ease in which they line up with the python scripting engine in Ren'py, but otherwise we won't really be working in them (unless droory and I need to do some screensharing for coding and whatnot)

Hey, everybody! Now that we've actually had our first meeting and gotten things going, this is where we'll be writing part one, as it's a collaborative process. I've also made links for all of your individual routes if you want to make it easier for all of us to see what you're doing as well (that way you don't have to upload files all the time). Also, make sure to change the colour of your highlighting to a light colour so we can see what it is (as long as no one else chooses that same colour).

And, mainly as a reminder to myself and Droory, we'll be writing in American English, only because you guys beat us out 3-2.

If you're having any trouble writing the script or you want to do something but don't know how, try downloading the Ren'Py app and going throught the tutorial, then check out this link for extra things you can do with the script! I know it's probably more convenient to message Droory first, but chances are he's just going to end up looking here since Ren'Py doesn't exactly conform to traditional coding tags and whatnot.

Part One Link
Probably going to be working on this one for quite a while as a group.

Syrene Link
Kin is the writer on this one.

Rena Link
Genga is the writer on this one.

Ashe Link
Droory is the writer on this one.

Luci Link
Luxray is the writer on this one.

Mara Link
Genga is the writer on this one.

Miscellaneous Stuff
Has stuff to use as reference and reminder while writing.