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Members and Meetings

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Main Staff

Genga: Director, Producer, Lead Writer for Rena and Mara's routes, Composer
Droory: Programmer, Producer, Lead Writer for Ashe's route
Kinmoku: Lead Writer for Syrene's route
JenJen: Lead Writer for Luci's route

MinuteKiwi: Character Designs, Background Concepts, GUI(?), Logo

Ed Malus: Lead Editor

Additional Staff

Former Staff

Tem: Writer
Fistpotatoes (Aleah): Background Art
Megan McCurdy: Background Art

Time Zones

Genga, Sinny: PST-08:00
Kin: CST-06:00
Jenjen, Megan: UTC-05:00
MinuteKiwi: UTC-04:00
Droory, Ed: IST+00:00

Writer Meeting Dates

As decided during meeting 17, our meeting dates have changed to weekly Sundays at 1:00pm! This is, of course, a trial period to determine if we can get work completed faster without stressing out too much. I'll constantly update this post so that we always know the next few meeting dates ahead of time.
Meeting 35: April 17, 2016 [X]
Meeting 36: April 24, 2016 [X]
Meeting 37: May 1, 2016 [X]
Meeting 38: May 15, 2016 [X]
Meeting 39: May 22, 2016 []
Meeting 40: May 29, 2016 []

Also, I know it's a long way from this, but let me know how you guys want to be credited in...the credits. I'm going with Ben "GengaJupite" Wong, but that's because I don't mind having my name known (actually, I prefer it since I'm hoping this is something I can put on my music resume).