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Lead Writer: Luxray

During the previous meteor shower, she touched a meteorite inadvertently, granting her immature wish to become unique amongst the others in her colony. Having watched countless generations of her kind perish while she lived on, she is constantly anxious and on her toes.
Anxious, Jumpy, Likes to sing and dance, Hardworking, Happy-go-lucky when calm

Link to the script

Just going through some short descriptions of her.

Name: Luci
Hair: Dark brown, very long (like thigh-length), partially tied back with a large bow
Eyes: Grey
Skin tone: Tanned
Clothes: Black knee-cut halter dress
Summary: Born a mere ant, she was just another one in a billion in her colony. She always hoped one day to stand out from the rest of her kind, but she knew that she would not be able to accomplish such a feat. Then, while out foraging for food to bring back, she climbed onto a meteorite, thinking of it as nothing more than a simple rock, and suddenly changed into a human form. She can transform between her human form, a butterfly, firefly, and a cricket, but oddly not an ant. Her life was also prolonged to unimaginable levels, and so she has outlived countless generations of her friends and family.
Humanlike Form: Antennae, butterfly wings

Some details I wanted to include in her backstory:
Attempting to change back, she found that she could not become an ant, but was now able to shift into a butterfly, firefly, and a cricket. She can only guess that this is because unlike ants, humans are large, butterflies are beautiful, fireflies are bright, and crickets are loud. Her life was also prolonged because insects generally live extremely short lives, adding yet another quality that would make her stand out amongst the others in her colony.

Part 1

Part 2

Human Arc (Only unlocked after seeing the Part 2 good ends for all the girls)
Part 3

School has begun, and somehow you've managed to fill out all the paperwork so that she can enroll at school with you. The two of you are now living together since she has nowhere to stay.

Despite being a human now, she is still quite anxious around other people, especially in large groups. She warms up to Yuuji over time, but has difficulty with Ami, mostly because of Ami's feelings for you (which results in some animosity towards Luci).