Children of Cosmos

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Synopsis: Every 150 years, a spectacular meteor shower takes place in the skies around the globe. Legend tells that should one of these shooting stars crash to Earth's surface, a single wish shall be granted to whoever touches it first. Of course, the stars rarely make it to the earth's surface intact; however, there is one place in which they are known to fall more frequently...
Leo is a high school student living in Turena, a city surrounded by nature. He lives alone in an apartment, receiving an ample amount of funding from his parents who live in a different city due to work. Like everyone living here, he is aware of the meteor shower's legend, but sees it as nothing more than a fairy tale for children. As summer approaches and the school year comes to a close, Leo meets five girls he has never seen before, each catching his attention under particular circumstances. Such situations would usually be mundane; however, his skepticism of the magic in the world is turned upside down when he discovers that these girls are not as human as they may be letting on.

Release Schedule
Demo of Part One: Summer 2016
Full Release: TBD 2017-2018
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