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I'll change their undetermined characteristics as we (or I, more likely just me since no one seems to have any objections to my choices so far) come up with more. Note that the main girls have slightly different details than the player and supporting characters.

Leonardo "Leo" Hearst
Sex: Male
Age: 16
Hair: A bit shaggy, reaches eyebrows, purple (lighter than Shida's) or dark blue
Eyes: [TBD]
Clothes: School Uniform, Casual wear
Summary: An average high schooler. Has a couple of close friends and spends his time based on whatever club is chosen as the one he's in. Initially skeptical of the town's legend, but accepts it after meeting the girls. He is attending this school because he wants to practice being independent, but told his family it was because the peaceful environment would help him focus on his studies. His family lives in another city. They send him living expenses and visit occasionally, but he is more or less independent. Has a somewhat sarcastic sense of humour. His name is derived from the astrological sign of the same name, which relates to the importance of astral and cosmic events in the story.

Hair: Waist-length, light blue
Eyes: Slightly darker blue than hair
Skin tone: Either pale or very lightly tanned, should be lighter in hue than her hair though.
Clothes: Some kind of bra/bikini top. Should be kept simple in design. A unique shell or star barrette in her hair.
Summary: She was born a mermaid and is the same age as Leo. She doesn't know the exact reason for how merpeople came into existence, only something about a sailor long ago wishing for them to exist after touching a meteorite. After she was washed inland by the tsunami years ago, she became stranded with no way of returning to the ocean. Her name is derived from the word "siren" which is another term for mermaid.

Hair: Short and wavy (less than shoulder-length), reddish brown with lighter tips (colour of fox fur)
Eyes: Gold or Purple
Skin tone: Lightly tanned
Clothes: Crop top, scarf, uneven side slit skirt
Humanlike Form: Fox ears, tail, sharp canines
Summary: She was born a fox with the ability to change into a humanlike form. Her age is unspecified, but appears to be around the same age as Leo. She doesn't know how she gained her ability to change into a fox-human, and the only one who might have known was her mother. She is tirelessly curious of humans, but keeps a wary eye out for hunters all the time. Her name is derived from the French word "renard" meaning fox.

Hair: Platinum blonde with a hint of green, chest-length, bangs cover part of one eye
Eyes: Bright green
Skin tone: Light
Clothes: Milky brown kimono-like robe with minimal or no design
Summary: Though she can only speculate and make guesses about what happened, she came to the conclusion that her soul was split from her body when a meteorite collided with her hundreds of years ago. Rather than granting the wish of a sentient being, her soul became sentient and was split from her body in a humanlike form. She likes to learn, though her knowledge is extremely limited, due to the fact that she cannot leave the forest. Lately, even her stone-like patience has begun to waver, and she has been testing the limits of her soul by stepping farther from her body each day. Her name comes from the fact that she is an ash tree.

Hair: Dark brown, very long (like thigh-length), kept in a ponytail with a large bow
Eyes: Grey
Skin tone: Tanned
Clothes: Black knee-cut halter dress
Human Form: Antennae, butterfly wings
Summary: Born a mere ant, she was just another one in a billion in her colony. She always hoped one day to stand out from the rest of her kind, but she knew that she would not be able to accomplish such a feat. Then, while out foraging for food to bring back, she climbed onto a meteorite, thinking of it as nothing more than a simple rock, and suddenly changed into a human form. She can transform between her human form, a butterfly, firefly, and a cricket, but oddly not an ant. Her life was also prolonged to unimaginable levels, and so she has outlived countless generations of her friends and family. Her name is derived from "lucid" which I think had something to do with fireflies but I honestly can't remember my reasoning for this one anymore.

Hair: Violet with black highlights, shoulder length
Eyes: Mahogany
Skin tone: Pale
Clothes: Baggy but not schlumpy
Human Form: Snakelike eyes, scales on body except face, lizardlike tail
Summary: Snakes grow up fending for themselves from the day they are born, so she never had a problem with that kind of lifestyle. However, she was feared by any and all creatures she tried to interact with, despite the fact that she only ever hunted to survive and has a kind soul. During the previous meteor shower, she touched a meteorite with the hope of being accepted like everyone else. She gained the ability to take on a humanlike form, but this form still remained snakelike in appearance, ostracizing her from both humans and animals alike. Because of this she has grown cold, and due to the fact that her wish was never granted properly, she could not continue aging until it was (Note: she only speculates this. There are many mysteries surrounding the magic in most of the routes). Her name is based off of the evil snake thing in Doctor Who, which I have never watched and won't pretend to understand.

Yuuji Nakamura
Sex: Male
Age: 16
Hair: Short with the front spiked up; Black
Eyes: [TBD]
Clothes: Same as Leo's
Summary: A classmate of Leo's. They were seated next to each other and became fast friends. He is a bit of a goofball and likes to slack off, but he always gets good grades, much to Leo's annoyance. He is in Leo's club, likes to play sports, and casually game. Supports Leo's relationship choices, but knows about Ami's feelings for him. Childhood friends with Ami, whom he has feelings for. His name is derived from "yuujin" (友人), a formal way to say friend in Japanese.

Ami D'Amour
Sex: Female
Age: 17
Hair: Chest-length, keeps in twin braids in front of her shoulders; Light brown
Eyes: [TBD], wears glasses
Clothes: Same as Leo's but female version
Summary: One year older than the protagonist. She is a member of the student council and her main duty is keeping track of club activities. She is a bit strict, but never comes across as uptight. She met Leo while doing inspections of the school clubs and became friends with him after that, later finding out that he was a new friend of Yuuji's. She has feelings for Leo, but has only told Yuuji about it. Antagonist in the Human arc. Her name means friend in French, while her last name relates to her feelings for Leo.

Shida Goodwin
Sex: Female
Age: Mid-late twenties
Hair: Reaches lower back, silky; Dark purple
Eyes: [TBD]
Clothes: Lab coat, usually holding a clipboard, sunglasses on forehead
Summary: A master's student collecting information for her thesis paper. her specific field of study changes depending on the route you have chosen (Mermaid = Marine Biology, Tree = Forestry, etc.). She is very diligent about her studies and will do what she can to collect information. She unknowingly becomes an antagonist in the first arc, as the girls fear being seen by her. (Ashe less so, as she appears to be a normal human. Might have some kind of different circumstance for her). Her name, Shida, comes from the Swahili word for trouble/difficulty, and her last name is a portmanteau of Goodall and Irwin (from Jane and Steve respectively).

Lyra and Orion Hearst
Hair: Lyra's is blue, Orion's is red, Orion has a moustache
Eyes: [TBD]
Clothes: Business casual
Summary: Leo's parents. Like normal parents, they worry about letting their son live alone but trust him enough to allow it. In the Human arc, they meet Leo's girlfriend, but he manages to convince them that she is just a friend. Their names, like Leo's, come from constellations.

Carina Hearst
Sex: Female
Age: 13
Hair: Purple or red (depends on Leo's hair colour)
Eyes: [TBD]
Clothes: Middle school uniform or casual clothes
Summary: Leo's younger sister. She is a little too nosy for her own good and likes to tease Leo. She comes to visit with her parents. In the Human arc, she is skeptical of Leo's claims that the girl is just a friend. After coming to visit unannounced at a later date, she finds out that the girl is actually Leo's girlfriend and is living with him. Like the rest of her family, her name is a constellation.

Louis Undra-Wiser (Mr. U)
Sex: Male
Age: Thirties
Hair: Shorter than Leo's but longer than Yuuji's, has chin stubble; Blond
Eyes: [TBD]
Clothes: Business casual
Summary: Leo and Yuuji's homeroom teacher. He teaches science, specifically biology, and is a fairly easygoing teacher that is also their club advisor, regardless of which club is picked (if Going Home Club is chosen, he ends up being the science club's advisor). He is much more passionate about the club than teaching. Due to his good looks, he is well-liked by the girls at school, which disappoints when they discover he is married. His name is a play on "lui onderwyser", which means lazy teacher in Afrikaans.