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Background Art and CG Art Pieces

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After a test I got Droory to do of an extremely beta intro, it seems that backgrounds can only be 600x800 maximum. Just a heads-up for future reference.

Actually, strike that slightly. Right now it's h 600 x w 800, but we can configure the screen to be whatever size we want, so if we can decide on that then we'll follow whatever resolution it is.

We don't have any artists at the time I'm posting this, but I'll list the backgrounds we know we'll need. Some locations are also going to need lighting for different times of day.

Leo's Apartment
The path that splits between lake and forest (school side)
The path that splits between lake and forest (apartment side)
The Lake (view from the beach)
The Lake (view from the bridge)
Syrene's Hideout
The Forest Trail
Ashe's Tree
In front of the school
School Hallways
Classroom (with varying number of students)
School Pool
Track and Field
Music Room
Multimedia Room
Regular Starry Sky
Meteor Shower Sky

In terms of CG event scenes, I don't know any for sure yet, but I think there are a few tentative ones right now.
Syrene frightfully peeking at the protagonist from behind a rock
Ashe looking down at you from up on a tree branch

There'll also need to be an art piece for each girl kissing the protagonist while holding the glowing meteorite, but since we haven't figured out what those scenarios are going to look like yet we can get into that later on.